IP67 FTTA Optical Cable Assembly Waterproof Fiber HUB
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IP67 FTTA Optical Cable Assembly Waterproof Fiber HUB

Material:ABS/steel sheet
1.Any network connection between the shelter vehicle and multiple field command posts
2.Live TV broadcasting
3.Data communication in oil fields, mines and ports,
4.Emergency communication line repair

1. High strength fatigue resistant optical fiber is adopted to ensure the reliability and service life of field optical cable under various harsh service conditions.

2. Special coating and secondary coating composite structure can absorb mechanical and environmental stress, and the additional loss of optical cable is small.

3. The small pitch optical fiber SZ stranding and aramid reinforced fiber single helix stranding ensure that the field optical cable has a large tensile strain window.

4. High strength, light weight and high strength to weight ratio; The circular sheath has compact structure and is especially suitable for repeated retraction and retraction.

5. Flame retardant high strength and high toughness polyurethane (TPU) elastomer sheath with high oxygen index and good flame retardancy,Oil and chemical corrosion resistance, tear resistance, good flexibility at low temperature, strong elasticity, good stress buffer, wear-resistant and pressure resistant sheath.

6. The color of tight sleeve coating shall comply with tia-598-a standard chromatography, which is easy for path allocation and end connection of optical cable.

7. Product information and length marks are printed on the outer cover of optical cable.

8. If required by users, both ends of field optical cables can be pre installed with fast moving connectors.

9. The number of optical fiber cores is 2 ~ 12 and can be customized as required.



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