Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable ADSS 96F Double Sheath Span 100M
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Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable ADSS 96F Double Sheath Span 100M

Fiber Type: Singlemode / Multimode / OM1 / OM2 / OM3
Fiber Count: 96F
Span Length: 100M
1.Reconstruction of old power lines and low voltage level lines. 
2.Coastal chemical industrial areas with heavy chemical pollution

  1. Can be installed without shutting off the power

  2. Light weight and small diameter reducing the load caused by ice and wind and the load on towers and backprops

  3. Large span lengths 

  4. Good performance of tensile strength and temperature

  5. The design life span is 30 years

  6. Package : 2~4km/ wooden drum

Cable fiber count/2~3032~6062~72
Structure /1+51+51+6
Central strength membermaterial/FRP
Diameter (average) mm1.51.52.1
Loose TubeMaterial/PBT
Max fiber/loose tubemm61212
Water resistanceMaterial/Cable jelly
Inner sehathmaterial/MDPE
Inner sheathmm0.9mm
Non-metallic strengthen componentsMaterial/Aramid Yarn
Outer sheathmaterial/MDPE
Outer sheathmm1.8mm
Cable diametermm10.911.512.1
Cable weight kg/km95110120
Cable Sectional areamm293.31103.87114.99
Rated Tensile Strength(RTS)KN6
Max allowed tension( MAT)KN2.5
Annual average operating tension (EDS) KN3.2
Coefficient of thermal expansion10-6/℃9
Crush resistanceLong termN/100mm1100
Short term2200
Permission Bent Radiusstaticmm15 of OD
dynamic 20 of OD
Storage -40~+70
Scope of applicationSuitable for voltage level under 110kV, wind speed below 25m/s, icing 5mm
Cable Marks

Company Name  ADSS-××B1-PE-100M  DL/T 788-2001 ××××M Year

(or at customer’s request)



packing size/cm

2-30 2 100×100×70
3 110×110×70
4 125×125×90
32-60 2 100×100×70
3 110×110×70
4 125×125×90
60-72 2 100×100×70
3 110×110×70
4 125×125×90
Packing Wooden drum



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